Efficient harvest anywhere in the world.

Maízco Premium Corn Headers allow an adequate regulation according to any crop conditions for an excellent harvest. Quality, versatility and flexibility make it an ideal partner to achieve maximum performance.

Technology for a superior level of performance.

Stalk rolls with 4 knives to pull down aggressively any size of stalks, or 6 steel plates intermeshed to obtain a higher residue.

52-link gathering chains allow the header to reach lower than any other corn header.

High durability, forged and heat treated gathering chain sprockets.

New individual gearbox clutch: ensures mechanical elements protection.

Aluminum cast gearboxes to reduce machine total weight. In addition, its new design facilitates the conversion process.

Hardened edges deck plates for a long service life. Directly from the cab you can modify deck plates position to maximize header performance in variable crop conditions.

Adapter: its design allows a smooth and uniform delivery to combine feeder house. By a simple operation it is possible to adjust header harvest angle to increase productivity in difficult conditions. Its interchangeable feature allows Maízco Premium Corn Header to be easily adapted to any brand and model of combine.

New design of points and guards facilities height adjustment task. Available in sheet metal or polyethylene.

Optional: Header Height Control and autoguidance sensor. Foldable frames. Chopper (cast iron gearboxes).

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